Find a Vinyl Ester Resin which is right for your company

7 Characteristics of the perfect Vinyl Ester Resin for your company

The type of resin can determine the quality of the products produced. You do not want to take the risk of having products that don’t perform due to the wrong type of resin used. 

Taking the time to find the right resin with the correct characteristics is essential. Rushing the process can lead to a delay in the efficiency of your operations. 

With technology improving continuously, new types of resins are being manufactured with better features for the end consumer, enabling the use of one specific reason for multiple manufacturing processes. 

SHCP Verac 7110 is one of these unique resins with a multitude of characteristics to be harnessed. You are allowing your company to benefit during a variety of operations. 

What is SHCP Verac 7110?

SCHP Verac 7110 is a Vinyl Ester Resin, which is non – thixotropic and quick curing. These two properties make it perfect for filament winding, hand lay-up, and spray paint moulding. Combining high performance with excellent anti-corrosion qualities, it is ideal for chemical resistant tanks, pipes, and fittings.

Although there are so many uses, this resin is not appropriate for clear or transparent casting purposes. To achieve the desired performance, you should use a combination of catalyst and accelerator. For a complete cure, this needs to happen at room temperature (25˚C). 

Fast curing Resin

Characteristics of SHCP Verac 7110

You need to have the right attributes within a resin. Having a resin with these 7 specific qualities will be crucial to your production process:

  • Curing void of DMA
  • High cross-linking density
  • Low exothermic curing
  • Excellent wet – out
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Exceptional durability
  • Superior heat resistance

With a resin that has these qualities, other benefits present themselves during the manufacturing process. Allowing you to increase your optimisation within the company. 

Benefits of SHCP Verac 7110

Knowing the characteristics helps with the practicality of using a specific resin, but how does your company benefit? Well, due to the features, there are a couple of pros that are associated.

Post curing is not essential due to the high cross-linking of the resin. With a low exothermic curing process, reducing secondary bonding time. Increased savings during the wet – out process improves your company’s net profit while reducing resin wastage.

If the resin is stored correctly, it will have a shelf life of 12 months. Storage is vital to the stability of the resin. If exposed to direct sunlight, you have 3 months to use the resin.

Analysis of SHCP Verac 7110

Various tests have been run on SHCP Verac 7110, ensuring that it is FDA approved. Allowing you to adjust the gel time by ranging the quantities of catalyst and/or accelerator used. The standard gel time at 30˚C is 20-30 minutes. 

During the testing process, at a temperature of 30˚, the different results were recorded:

Test ItemsTest MethodResult
DensityASTM C905 – 011.033 g/cm3
Barcol HardnessASTM C2583 – 0739 BHC
Heat Distortion TemperatureASTM D648103˚C
Glass Transition TemperatureASTM E1356 – 03103˚C
Water AbsorptionISO / R 62 – 1980Max. 80mg
ElongationASTM D6385 – 6 %
Tensile StrengthASTM D63875Mpa2
Tensile ModulusASTM D6383.49Gpa
Flexural StrengthASTM D790135Mpa
Flexural ModulusASTM D7903.09Gpa

Using a Styrene monomer will lower the viscosity to the desired level as storage causes an increase in viscosity.

Conducting various tests on SHCP Verac 7110, we recommend that your checks are completed. Guaranteeing the resin is correct for your specific usage.

Finding the right vinyl ester resin is always tricky. Knowing where they deliver to and what the ordering process is like can cause complications. It is even worse once you find the right one, but delivery is unavailable.

Thankfully with Resin SA you can be assured that getting the right type of products delivered to you on time is a priority. 

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