Aspects to consider when looking at polyester resin distributors

Five critical considerations when inspecting polyester resin distributors

The number of polyester resin distributors in the market can confuse you when it comes to choosing one to conduct your business through. It’s always challenging to understand a company from the glimpse that you see online. The relationship built between the supplier and the distributor is a crucial component of any supply chain. 

Having a distributor who can meet your demand requirements can become quite the complication. Not considering the correct information from the beginning of the relationship could cause it to fail. 

 There are 5 essential factors to consider before making your decision:

  • The estimated Price range of Products
  • Location & delivery of the distributor
  • Availability of Materials & Products
  • Quality Standards of the distributor
  • Necessary Background Inspection

Looking at the five aspects, you may have to rank them in order of importance to you. You will know if the delivery of products in those desperate times is better than the price range. Understanding the logistics of your company will make the decision process more manageable.

polyester resin distributors

Estimated Price Range of Products

The cost to acquire and transport materials is a constant worry. The distributors’ price can affect both your selling price and profits per sale. This single aspect can be the determining factor on whether your company continues to operate or not. 

Contact each distributor to request a cost sheet for their products, allowing you to compare product prices. Helping you make the decision about which distributor is best for your company more straightforward.

Locations & Delivery of the Distributor

Speaking of price. Checking delivery locations and where the polyester resin distributors are situated could eliminate certain distributors. Their product prices might be great, but delivery charges to get the product to you might be exorbitant.

Knowing the location of the distributor and where they deliver ultimately affects your business too. Arranging transportation might be a cheaper alternative to the distributor delivery option.

Availability of Materials and Products

Knowing what products are available will reduce the number of distributors to choose from. Don’t start a partnership with a distributor who doesn’t have the required outcomes. If you are uncertain about a specific product or material, contact them to find out. 

Determining the lead time for new stock to arrive at your distributor is beneficial. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are out of stock, and your distributor is only getting your specific product within a month. 

Quality Standard of the Distributor

Checking that the Distributor meets the quality standards of the industry will help with your decision. Various standards could be met, such as ISO, ANSI, and many more. It is always beneficial to have a distributor who meets those specific ratings. 

Having knowledgeable staff forms part of the quality standard of the distributor. Dealing with staff who are unable to solve your issue is unacceptable. With experienced experts helping you throughout your order, what could go wrong?

Necessary Background Inspection

Technically, you could classify the above as part of the background check. There might be other areas that you would want to investigate, such as:

  • Review testimonials
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Distributors Partners
  • Company Webpage

Going through the different social media pages, you might have missed some crucial information that was detected the second time. Reading positive and negative testimonials can give you a clearer image of the company’s operations. 

Looking at the distributor’s partners can help with which safety standards they abide by and the quality of the products. Usually, a business which has been in operation for longer durations are more likely to produce quality products. Else why would they still be in business?

Each little bit of information could give you a better insight into the various distributors. It will inevitably affect your final decision.

Remember, this is a partnership that should be beneficial to both parties. You don’t want to regret your decision because there was something you overlooked. There are multiple channels to find information about the distributor, allowing for complete transparency to be displayed.

Take some time and put in the effort to find the right distributor for you. If you are lucky, you could discover polyester resin distributors who can provide you with additional products or information e.g. acetone price. There are some which can provide certain chemicals, fiberglass supplies as well as polymers for specific products. They are waiting for your call.

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